• ChiBo Playroom welcomes you 15 minutes before the beginning of the scheduled event to allow you to make all the necessary preparations. You are expected to finish the event and tidy up the playroom at the end of your scheduled term.
  • You can leave your coats and footwear in the wardrobe next to the entrance; you are welcome to use the facilities in socks or house footwear.
  • You are kindly asked to use all the toys and other items available with due care. You are not allowed to take toys home with you. Should any of the toys or equipment get damaged or broken during your event, you are requested to let the administrator know. Please observe your children, as they are at your responsibility and you will be held financially accountable for possible damages, for example, caused to TV screen.
  • All parents are fully responsible for their children while in the playroom, we disclaim any responsibility for accidents, falls and impacts, therefore, please do not leave your children without adult supervision during the event.
*Playroom and administrator will take no responsibility for your personal items and clothing.
  • You are not allowed to bring drinks and food into play zones; eating and drinking will take place in kitchen area only. Please keep everything clean and orderly.
  • Smoking and consumption of alcohol or use of fireworks is strictly prohibited in our premises.
  • You are not allowed to bring pets into the playroom.
  • After your event you are expected to leave the premises in good order: please pick up the toys from walkways, clean up any trash and wash the crockery of you did use any. Please do not leave any trash on floors.
Kelluka tee 21, Pirita, Tallinn, 12014